"I'll take care of him... only if you take care of me, sweetie."
―Taylor, to Ho Sung-soo's mother.

Mr.Taylor is a Scottish-American millionaire, who lived in a large mansion in Vinewood Hills till his death in 1991.

A few months before his death, he recruited a Korean woman as his maid. The maid accepted to become his mistress in return for the payment for her son's education. One day, Taylor called her for making love late at night. She found this as an oppurtunity to kill him and make away with his money. She led him to his swimming pool and drowned him to death and stole and possessions worth close to $500,000. However, she was caught by the police the next day and was sentenced to serve jailtime.

His death was widely covered by the media in 1991, and led to general distrust of Korean maids. The 'Swimming Pool Ghost' is based upon him. His death was featured in the thirty third episode of the TV show 'American Murders'.

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