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"Continue your adventures in Los Santos, now in the eyes of one of the fiercest and highly feared gangs of the west coast, the Los Santos Vagos. Hector Martinez's life is all about money, drugs, weapons, prostitutes and murder, highly contradicting the lifestyle of Vinewood millionaires. Every gang's success leads to the jealousy of others. One one gang can survive, which would it be? "

Grand Theft Auto South Los Santos Stories is a downloadable expansion pack for the 2013 hit video game Grand Theft Auto V, for Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. The expansion pack features a new protagonist and a new storyline with the addition of new vehicles, weapons and gameplay elements.

Unlike the two episodes for Grand Theft Auto IV, the story of South Los Santos Stories does not intersect with the story of V, which takes place 3 years earlier. While the majority of the gameplay world and elements remain the same, there are some noticeable differences in the city.

South Los Santos Stories was released as an exclusive to the PlayStation 4 and was released 5 months later for the Xbox One and Microsoft Windows versions. The expansion pack costed $30 during it's initial launch. Few of the DLC contents were available free for a limited period of time after launch in Grand Theft Auto Online.


South Los Santos Stories is a story mode focused DLC, but does offer content to the multiplayer portion of Grand Theft Auto V. South Los Santos Stories's story primarily concentrates in the gangs of Los Santos like the 2004 video game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Majority of the story takes place in the city of Los Santos itself, though Blaine County is free to be explored by the player.

This expansion pack returns to the series' one protagonist root, which has been a series identity since the release of Grand Theft Auto III in 2001. The mission structure bears a lot of similarities to V, but critics have noted that overall, the game is a fresh and authentic Grand Theft Auto experience.

Plot OverviewEdit

Hector Martinez returns to Los Santos; and on behalf of the influence of his brother, Franco Martinez, joins the Los Santos Vagos. Initially a hang-around, Hector gets to witness high-level organized crime after he unknowingly becomes a part of a massive money-making scheme of his brother.

Franco allied himself with Ho Sung-soo, the leader of the Kkangpae to steal money from all the gangs in the city and escape with the loot. He gives Hector a choice of joining him as they leave for Vice City, or death.



Hector Martinez, returns to his home in the Rancho Projects in Rancho, Los Santos after graduating from college. His brother, Franco Martinez, a high-ranking member of the Los Santos Vagos street gang forcibly tells Hector to join the gang, though Hector is reluctant about it.

Apolonio Vega, Franco's superior accepts Hector into the gang after he passes the initiation. Hector is then tasked with eliminating a Aztecas shot-caller by setting of a bomb during a funeral, which he successfully completes. Hector then begins to do work for other Vagos, and comes across Carlos Vega, Franco's right-hand man. They both get on to a rough start; but nonetheless, Hector helps Carlos kill his former girlfriend and dispose the body.

Hector's girlfriend, Charlotte Jones introduces him to her uncle, William Haggerty II a rich and influential businessman. Haggerty has plans of opening a weapon shop in the city, and wants Hector to reduce competition by raiding the biggest Ammu-Nation store in Los Santos. Meanwhile, Franco meets up with Hector and tells him that there's a large market for drugs, and requests his assistance in watching guard while he extracts information from a mole. Though against drugs, Franco agrees for the money.

The extraction doesn't go well, as the police arrived in process. Hector killed all the cops and made sure that his brother got all information from the rat. Using the weapons Hector got from the Ammu-Nation heist, they attack the ship docked in the Port of Los Santos and steal the drugs, and then store it in a warehouse. The warehouse gets attacked, and Hector manages to defend it as well.

Franco, now formulated a plan in which they would severely weaken the other street gangs to eliminate competition. He makes Hector do a drive-by on the Aztecas, killing most of their power, kill all the suspected moles of The Families to prevent them from attaining any information, and on Hector's suggestion, to ally themselves with the Ballas. Franco negotiates a treaty with Nasty B of the Ballas, which gets interrupted by the Families. The Vagos and the Ballas team up, and destroy the threat, signalling an effective partnership. Manuelo Dias, another Vagos member is growing vary of Franco's moves, and requests Hector's help in assisting the Families, so that they don't get attacked from all sides. Without letting Franco know, Hector helps the Families in stealing lowriders from the Ballas, and steal drug money from the Armenian Mob.

Franco then revealed the next part of the plan, in which he would do a massive deal with the Families, the sale of drugs, territories, weapons and information in exchange for money worth millions. Doing so required the Vagos to team up with the Marabunta Grande and a drug cartel led by Martin Madrazo. After acquiring the assistance of the two gangs, Franco convinces Hector to do the deal, which even after plenty of interference, goes well. Franco and his cronies hold a party in a bar, organized by Carlos, but the other members of the Vagos intrude and disrespect Hector, before removing him from power for the alleged deal, which was done without consulting anyone. In retaliation, Franco orders Hector to steal Madrazo's prized possessions, and help the Marabunta Grande against the Aztecas, to turn the cartels and the Aztecas against the Vagos so that the Vago leadership gets crippled, while Hector flees with Franco. On a phone call to his friend Ricardo de la Rosa, Hector says he feels extremely guilt-ridden for following Franco's orders. Ricardo then asks for Hector to meet him in an alleyway in East Los Santos. He then gives Hector the outfit of the Kkangpae and tells him to attack the clubhouse of The Lost MC in East Vinewood. Hector does so, creating a gang-war between the Kkangpae and the Lost MC. Ricardo then tells Hector to meet him at his crib after some time.

Hector goes to Ricardo's house in Rancho, and finds him talking to a furious Carlos Vega. There, Carlos tells them that they both were pawns for a bigger plan, and Franco was very furious when he heard that the Koreans and the bikers went into war. Hectors gets suspicious, and Ricardo then says that Hector's brother is allied to the Koreans. Before Ricardo could reveal the story, he gets shot in the head thrice by Carlos, and dies. Carlos then flees, and gets chased by Hector. Hector chases and hunts down Carlos after killing all of his back-up. On his dying breath, Carlos reveals Franco's true plans. Franco worked with Ho Sung-soo, the acting leader of the Kkangpae, and they both formulated a scheme to turn Los Santos into a warzone, stealing the wealth of all gangs, and moving to Vice City. Enraged that his brother was betraying his entire gang, along with the Koreans for mere money, he meets up with what's left of the command circle and decides to end this. Speaking to his imprisoned leaders, Apolonio finalized the decision of Franco's death. Hector now assumes Franco's position, and using his team, attacks the Los Santos Triads' slaughterhouse in Cypress Flats to dissuade them from providing support to the Kkangpae. Hector then unites all of the remaining Vagos, and protects their territory from Families & Korean invaders.

Eventually, Franco calls Hector and congrutulates his brother for his ability to lead the gang, and gives him a choice of joining him, so they he would betray his gang and have them killed and join Franco in Vice City. At the end, Hector is given two choices: work with his brother, or work with his gang.

Hector accepts Franco's offer. Hector tells Franco to meet him at Terminal Island so that they could load the cash into the boat owned by the Los Santos Triads. After defending the ship from the FIB, Franco, Ho and Hector move to Sandy Shores where Felipe waited with plane carrying the other half of the money.

They again get attacked by the NOOSE in the airfield. Felipe gets killed by the police. Hector, Ho and Franco get into the plane, along with some Korean gangsters and hired guns. The Koreans and hired guns then later reveal themselves to be FIB agents. A gunfire starts in the plane. Ho suspects Hector had something to with the ambush. Hector kills Ho. Franco attemps to parachute out, leaving Hector alone to die with the FIB. Hector and Franco then fight, Hector mortally wounds Franco and then parachutes out. The FIB then manage to ground the plane, and Fraco gets arrested.

One of the corrupt FIB agents who owed a favour to Hector cleared his charges. Hector walked away free, and restarted his life after he was given a honest job.

After Hector refuses to side with Franco, Franco sends Felipe and some rogue Vagos to kill Hector while he loaded the money safely with Ho. Hector kills Ho and confronts Franco and Ho in the Vinewood Helipads. Fraco planned that he and Ho would escape Los Santos via Ho's helicopters.

After a brief exchange of words, Franco attempts to kill Hector. After fighting various Kkangpae and Triad gunmen, Hector kills Ho. Franco gets in one of the helicopters and flies away. Hector gives chase in the other. After a long chase throughout Los Santos County, Hector manages to blow up Fraco's helicopters. Franco bailes out, and Hector follows suit. Hector intercepts Franco mid-air, shoots him in the forehead and parachutes down.

Franco later becomes the senior gangster of the Vagos.


South Los Santos Stories received mostly positive reviews, but people criticised the graphical representation of the game, stating that it did not differ much from V, an outdated game. Hughes Johnson of IGO gave the game a 9.8/10, saying that "It may have taken a lot of time to arrive, it may look outdated, it still has the flaws of V, but the compelling story and intense action makes up for it. In the end, Tides didn't feel overly satirized game, dull or boring and goes back to the traditional roots of a GTA game: fun."


  • South Los Santos Stories was released 3 years after the release of the original game, a considerably longer time than the two expansion packs for Grand Theft Auto IV.
  • South Los Santos Stories does not feature an exclusive multi-player mode.
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