"Saying something don't make it true."
―Ortega to Trevor Philips, 2013.

Ortega was a Mexican-American gangster, who served as one of the high ranking members of the Varrios Los Aztecas, and was the head of the gang's division in Blaine County.

Ortega was killed by Trevor Philips in 2013.


Early LifeEdit

Ortega was possibly born in Los Santos and joined the Aztecas at some point in his youth. Ortega was a man of remarkable skill and execution, which easily made him to rise through the ranks and it resulted him being one of the gang's high ranking members by 2010.

Activity in Blaine County and deathEdit

After the Aztecas were losing power in the city, Ortega suggested that they should expand to the countryside and start arms and drugs trading operations in Blaine County.

Due to Ortega's leadership, the Aztecas became feared around Blaine County and the gang soon had a majority stake in the arms and drugs trade in the county till 2013. Ortega made enough money to buy himself a trailer and live by the Zancudo River. Ortega became a highly feared and powerful figure in the trades business.

In 2013, Trevor Philips, a local drug dealer, kills the Chapter President of the biker gang The Lost MC, Johnny Klebitz and launches an assault on the bikers, killing plenty of other high ranking members, and manages to the eliminate the gang's presence in Blaine County. Seeing this as an oppurtunity to eliminate all competition, Trevor drives over to Ortega's trailer and rams it into the river.

A surprised Ortega dives out unarmed and confronts Trevor. Trevor tells Ortega that he's taking over before killing the Azteca. Ortega's body gets dragged away by the river flow.


To avenge Ortega's death, the entire Aztecas go after Trevor, assaulting him in his meth kitchen in the local bar, Liquor Ace. However, the attack was unsuccessful, as Trevor kills all 32 Azteca attackers with the help of his cook, Chef.


Ortega wears a sleeveless Pounders t-shirt with a large number 2 in the front and half-length trousers and also wore Hinterland boots. Ortega also wears a large chain with a golden Christian cross, and wears an arm band and a smaller arm straps in his arms.

In terms of his body, Ortega is quite tall and had a moderately-built body. Ortega also sports a low-cut hairstyle with a mustache. Like most of the Latino gangsters, Ortega is heavily tattooed.

Mission AppearancesEdit

  • Mr. Philips
  • Trevor Philips Industries (if spared)


  • Ortega is voiced by Hector Ramos, who also did his motion capture.
  • Oddly, even if the player kills him, he can potentially still appear in Trevor Philips Industries. This is probably an oversight.