Opker-SPT flag
Paramilitary overview
Formed June 20, 2016; 3 years ago (2016-06-20)
Preceding agencies People's Security Force
GAP Vexillatio
Jurisdiction Alconbria Alconbria
Headquarters SPT Main Office, Escalona Complex, Amelia Bankwyn Avenue, New Alcacer
Employees 950,000
Agency executive Fernando Cartonna, National Commissioner
Parent agency Alconbria People's Party

The Opker-SPT (OSPT) is one of the two branches of the Opkerifforse, and functioned as the official military wing of the Alconbria People's Party. The Opker-SPT isn't a part of the Alconbrian Armed Forces, and despite being a part of the Opkerifforse, is not answerable to the National Police Organization.

As of 2018, the size of the Opker-SPT is estimated to be around 950,000; of which 35% are women. The Opker-SPT is led by its National Commissioner, Fernando Cartonna, who in turn answers to the President of Alconbria, Augustin Voimer.


  • National Commissioner (Cefo Nacional) // General
  • Senior Division Leader (Uccerdivoncefo) // Lieutenant General
  • Division Leader (Divoncefo) // Brigadier General
  • Colonel (Verider) // Colonel
  • Lieutenant-Colonel (Porcik-Verider) // Lieutenant Colonel
  • Major (Rexant) // Major
  • Lieutenant-Major (Rex Porcik) // No Equivalent
  • Captain (Trelor) // Captain
  • Lieutenant (Porcik) //First Lieutenant
  • Second Lieutenant (Segundo Porcik) // Second Lieutenant
  • Sergeant Major (Rex Kerxanti) // Sergeant Major
  • Sergeant (Kerxanti) // Chief Sergeant
  • Second Sergeant (Segundo Kerxanti) // Staff Sergeant
  • Corporal (Dezar) // No Equivalent
  • Shock Trooper (Dux Afel) // Corporal
  • Trooper (Dux) // Private
  • Candidate (Conso) // No Equivalent

Notable membersEdit

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