The Northside Bangers are a multi ethnic street gang located in the Northside Projects in Warcrest City.

The Bangers were initially a neighbourhood watchdog group, but then began involved in the criminal underworld following a partnership with the Jewish gang.



The Bangers were formed in 2007 as a neighbourhood watchdog group, after Tamonte 'Huge T' Sims of the Biscayne Broz. forced the residents of the Northside Projects to evacuate the area.

Unsatisfied with the police response, Ray Wilkinson decided the unite the residents of the projects to keep off the attackers. Almost all of the projects male youth joined Wilkson's group. David Wallace, a gun smuggler used his stock to supply the gang.

The Bangers managed to fend off all the Broz. goons, and after a few months, worked as the enforcers for the Jewish Gang. They also were actively involved in the weapons and drug market.

The Bangers attacked The Penthouse in 2008, thus setting sparks to the already stale relations between the two gangs. A few days later, the Broz. blew up one of the buildings in the Northside projects. A few days later, the Broz. eliminated Ray through a car bomb. After Wilkinson's death, his second-in-command Dwayne Wood took over as the leader of the Bangers.


As of 2016, the Bangers are composed of-

  • 61% White Americans
  • 8% Latin-Americans
  • 30% African-Americans
  • 1% Others