"Y'all niggas makin' history now. This alliance shit, it legit. We do this, we remain king... King of LS."
―Nasty B to the other Ballas, 2016.

Nasty B (April 3, 1981 - present) is an OG of the Ballas. In 2016, he represented the Ballas and signed a peace treaty with the Los Santos Vagos.


Early lifeEdit

Nasty B was born on 3rd April, 1981 to an African-American family in the Central Los Santos Medical Center in Los Santos. Both his parents were gangsters who pledged their alliance to the Ballas. B attended Los Santos Elementary and did his high schooling in Davis High School, where he sold crack to other students. He was accepted into the Ballas in 1997, when he was just 16 years old.

Gangster lifeEdit

B was arrested two months after joining the Ballas in a crack house in Davis. Later on, he was arrested in 1999 after robbing a gas station. A year later, he and two other Ballas decided to do a drive-by shooting on the Families. They drove into Strawberry, and opened fire on Families sets. B was injured after a stray bullet fired by a dying Families gangster hit him on his left arm.

After recovering, B became heavily involved in drug dealing and held drug meets. He became an OG in 2006. B killed two police officers and destroyed a police cruiser in 2007, earning him more notoriety among the gang community. He later married a gangster woman that year.

B was hospitalized in 2009 following a motor vehicle crash. He returned back to his normal lifestyle in 2011. B also became a successfull carjacker and established a Balla controlled chop shop in the outskirts of the city.

Davis Courts Mass ShootingEdit

In midnight October 27, 2011 three masked gunmen wearing purple attacked a deal between the Families and the Varrios Los Aztecas outside the Davis Courts Building. A massive gunfight took place, leaving 19 gangsters dead, along with 9 cops and 15 civilians. One of the Ballas attackers was also killed. The remaining two fled the scene in a black Declasse Rancher XL.

The LSPD named it as the worst mass shootings in recent history. B revealed himself to be one of the gunman, but the other gunman was never revealed. The Families responded by doing a drive-by shooting in Grove Street, leaving 2 dead and the Aztecas set fire to 4 gang cars of the Ballas. The police never knew it was B who did it, and none of the two gunmen were ever caught.

The Families then did a similar drive-by in Rancho again, targeting Ballas gangsters. The Ballas reacted by interfering in a burial ceremony of the fallen Families gangsters. A Ballas posse, led by B arrived at the cemetery and shot up all the Families. Due to lack of evidence, neither B or the Ballas were arrested.

Peace with the FamiliesEdit

In the fall of 2012, the Families and the Ballas made peace. Though they were still hostile towards each other and had the gang rivalry, gang violence had greatly reduced and gang warfare-related deaths had decreased over the years, especially compared to the reports from the 1990s.

Increasing gang tensionsEdit

In 2013, a Ballas OG D was kidnapped by Families gangsters Lamar Davis and Franklin Clinton. However, fearing that they might be tracked by the FIB, D was released. D and Nasty B plotted revenge against them, but were held back as any actions in revenge would increase gang tensions.

B was also arrested for the murder of a Vagos gangster, but was eventually released. Seeking revenge, D called Lamar, Franklin and Stretch for a meeting in an abandoned scrap building in La Puerta to ambush them. However, the ambush failed. D was killed by Stretch and all the Ballas sent to kill them were slaughtered by the trio. The trio escaped unharmed.

When B went to take care of business in the Paleto sawmill, Lamar and Franklin arrived in Grove Street to set up a deal with the Ballas. However, the Ballas attempted to dupe the Families and sell a fake brick, but this plot gets noticed by Franklin's friend Trevor Philips and results in another massive shootout in Grove Street. The three again manage to escape from the Ballas. MC Clip was killed in the crossfire.


Nasty B sitting.

Going against B's orders, the Ballas tell Stretch to tell Lamar to meet them alone in the sawmill for a deal. Lamar arrives alone, and the Ballas begin to hold him hostage. Franklin, Trevor and Michael De Santa then arrived and saved Lamar.

At this point, B was arrested for attempted murder, and gets sent to prison. B is then released in 2014. After this, B became one of the big shots of the Ballas.

In 2016, Nasty B and Franco Martinez of the Los Santos Vagos sign a peace treaty to halt their conflict which had been going on for more than 4 decades. The deal was then invaded by the Aztecas. The Ballas and the Vagos then kill some Aztecas and escaped in different directions.


B is medium-to-tall in height, with a medium muscular build. B is bald and sports a slanted pencil moustache. Like other gangsters, B has tattoos around his body. He wears a round-neck t-shirt which is usually purple or red, with cargo pants and matching sneakers or running shoes. He also sometimes wears a Los Santos Panic cap.

Personal lifeEdit

B married in 2007; after becoming an OG. His child, a daughter was born in 2010.

B was also interviewed in the documentary Cracked Up Life of the Modern American Street-Gangs, which was released in 2003.

Mission appearancesEdit

  • Davis Convention


  • Just like D, Nasty B's real name is never revealed.
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