The scrapbook for the missions and activities of the game.

Required Missions count = 30-65

Side Activites = 10-14

Bosses = 4-15

Protagonist = 1

Mission Name Log Edit

Main MissionsEdit

  • 1 - Hector returns to LS, collects his car and moves to Rancho projects.
    • The Real LS
    • Welcome to Los Santos
    • Life's no Beach and Movies
  • 2 - Franco reintroduces Hector to the Los Santos Vagos.
    • Reunion
    • The Real Locos of Los Santos
    • Long Time No See...
    • Here We Go Again
  • 3 - Hector is asked to steal a car from the Aztecas and kill it's owner.
    • Initiation
  • 4 - Replace the body in the coffin with a bomb, set it off during the funeral.
    • Las Bombas
    • Respeta Mexicano
    • Bury the Bomb
  • 5 - Franco and gngsrtwe steal two Families' lowriders.
    • Two Tone Tow
  • 6 - Franco and Carlos go to Vinewood to kill the latter's girlfriend and hide her body.
    • Real Mature
    • Divorcio
    • The Unsatisfied Boyfriend
  • 7 - Protect Franco from the cops as he extracts information from a rat.
    • El Nacimiento
    • Catnip
    • Protect the Rat from the Cat
  • 8 - Steal two supercars for a miser businessman.
    • Namesake
    • Finally, Something matches!
    • Grand Theft Auto
  • 9 - Interfere in a Azteca-Balla drug deal and steal the money and the drugs.
    • Unwanted Attention
    • Dealbreaker
  • 10 - Kill the lawyer before she reaches the airport.
    • You don't deserve Liberty
  • 11 - Do the final favour.
    • One Last Thing...
  • 12 - Raid the Ammu-Nation store in Downtown and steal the weapon stocks.
    • Robbing the Nation's Treasury
    • Ammu-Nation
  • 13 - Steal the drugs from the ship.
    • Pier Peril
  • 14 - Defend the warehouse.
    • Under Siege
  • 15 - Do a drive-by on the Aztecas.
    • Drive-by
  • 16 - Kill the source of information of the Families.
    • Quiet Easy
  • 17 - Kidnap & threaten the executive of the software company.
    • FIB
  • 18 - Accompany Franco as the Vagos and Ballas sign an alliance, ending their gang war.
    • Davis Convention
    • Treaty of Los Santos
  • 19 - Steal the cars for the Families.
    • Speed
  • 20 - Steal the cash from the Armenian Mob.
    • Money Come, Money Stay
  • 21 - Steal the motorcycles for the Marabunta Grande.
    • Pocket Rockets
  • 22 - Steal all the items requested by Madrazo.
    • Pulling Favors
  • 23 - Defend Madrazo's cash.
    • Security is a right.
  • 24 - Do the deal with the Families.
    • Snakes on the Helicopter
  • 25 - Celebrate.
    • The Party
    • Not So Soon
  • 26 - Loot Madrazo's warehouses.
    • Hold-Up
    • Stoned Raiders
  • 27 - Steal Madrazo's race horses.
    • Horse Race
  • 28 - Protect the Marabunta Grande.
    • The Angels of the Angels
  • 29 - Attack the Lost MC dressed as the Koreans to start a gang war.
    • Pull the Strings
  • 31 - Destroy the Chinese meat factory.
    • Slaughtered
  • 32 - Reform the Vagos.
    • Angels and Demons
  • 33 - Protect the hood.
    • Militiamen
  • 34 - Choose to follow Franco, or kill him.
    • Deal, or no Deal?
  • 34a - Defend the cash as you move it. (Deal)
    • Money Speaks
  • 34b - Kill Franco Martinez. (No Deal)
    • Rule of the Streets

Secondary MissionsEdit

This missions are only available at certain parts of the story, and can be skipped if progressed to the next mission. They are required for 100% completion.
  • 1 - Beat up the stalkers.
    • Local Celebrity
    • Beat Notice
    • Predators
  • 2 - Steal a helicopter for Madrazo.
    • Heli Hell
    • Unwanted Luxury
  • 3 - Steal a one-off movie car.
    • Three Years Later
  • 4 - Assault the Thomson Scrapyard, recover the 'military devices'.
    • FIB, again.
  • 5 - Dispose the body in the mine.
    • Miner Cuerpo
  • 6 - Take the pregnant woman to the hospital.
    • Ambulance
  • 7 - Rob the store.
    • Hold-Up
  • 8 - Attend the lowrider event.
    • Lowriders
  • 9 - Win the supercar race.
    • Fast n Fabulous
  • 10 - Kidnap Vernon, without being spotted.
    • Cesar's Seize.

Side Missions & ActivitiesEdit

  • Taxi Missions - The operator locates a passenger, whom Hector has to drop off at their destination. Customers can also hail taxis at the street.
  • Tow Truck Missions - Hector is given a particular car to tow.
  • Break-Ins - Break into houses and steal valuables, only at night. Needs a special vehicle.
  • Arm Wrestling - Same as TLAD, can be played in many places.
  • Strip Club - Same as GTA V.
  • Darts - Same as GTA V.
  • Drug Deals - At times, Hector will receive calls or can contact other gangs for doing a deal. If he has the required items, he will be said to approach a discreet location where the deal can take place. The deal can take place normally, or sometimes the enemies might attempt to attack you and steal your stuff. An other variant is Hector will be informed of deals between two other gangs, and he can interfere the deal and attack both.
  • Alliance Exclusive Missions - These missions depend of the current allies of the Vagos.
  • Car theft - Auto dealer Sacha Yetarian will contact Hector and request certain vehicles to be stolen. Vehicles from the street can also be stolen.
  • Lowrider Competitions - Lowrider competitions take place in Rancho between various gangs and Hector can attend one and win them for cash prizes.
  • Drag Racing - Takes place only at the night in the LS Canals and the Docks. Hector can take part in drag races, or bet for NPC racers.
  • Gang Shootouts - If the Vagos have any enemies, there will occasionally be massive gang shootouts, often involving the police. Hector can take part in them.
  • Convoy - Convoys often involve Gruppe Sechs cash convoy, gang convoy, Ammu-Nation convoys, illegal drug convoys (most protected). Hector can steal them and stock up for doing deals.
  • Off-Road races - Only in Blaine County, against Rednecks.
  • Hao Street Races - Same as GTA V. Total 11. 12 for Social Club users.
  • Drug Planes - Hector should shoot some drug transporting plane flying around Blaine County. Unavailable if the players have an alliance with the Aztecas.
  • Marathons - Unlocked after completing the final mission. Two of them.
  • Sprints - Sprints in the East Vinewood park, 100m, 200m and 400m.
  • Jetski Races - Same as GTA V.
  • Mt. Chilliad Challenge - Choose a Bifta, Bicycle, Sanchez, BF Injection or a off-road SUV and get to the summit of Mt. Chiliad and punch the clown dummy to win.
  • Gang Tags - Same as GTA SA, 50 gang tags around the city.
  • Drug Wars - Same as TBoGT.


Franco Martinez Ricardo de la Rosa Charlotte Jones
Unlocked by First Mission Second Mission First Mission
Available time Anytime Anytime 4:00 PM - 1:00 AM
Activities Drinking
Arm Wrestling
Arm Wrestling
Shooting Range
Strip Club
Extreme/Water Sports
Seashark Races
Extreme/Water Sports
Special Activity None Parachuting Hot Coffee (places vary)
Notes Not available after the final mission.

In case of Deal ending, he can be visited in prison once. In case of No Deal ending, his funeral can be visited.

Not available after the 30th mission.

Can visit his funeral.

Unable to go on a friendship activity from the 25th till the final mission.

Her house can be accessed, but has limited functionality.

Assassination missionsEdit

Name Target Information Reward
First Blood Darwin Wigg What's more useless than an American who never went to work, nor fought for the country? It's a hebephile stalker. Seems like the society is fearing him than hating him. Take out this man - Wigg, Darwin.
He is old, drives around in his Japanese sedan, and wears horn-rimmed glasses and listens to country music.
One Hit Wonder Miss Luke Love This hippie is poisoning the youth with the corrupt rubbish she calls music. Just a personal favour, kill her, burn the body.
Good thing to do is to kill after she goes backstage after her concert.
That's a Take! Curtis Brown Vinewood low-budget action hero. Want any more reasons to kill this pig?
I'd say he deserves a giant fall... to the gross office.
The People's Republic's Champion Xiao Zhu Expert Kung Fu, or whatever that shit is, world champion. Kill him before he reaches the Maze Bank arena, so that my man can win the tournament. Make it look like an accident. May the best betsman win. $10000
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