The Los Santos Triads are a well known Chinese American organized crime syndicate featured in Grand Theft Auto V, Grand Theft Auto Online and in GTAV's story DLC.



Events of GTA OnlineEdit

The Triads constantly get attacked by the Online player and his teammates, weakening their stance in Los Santos. Their presence in Rancho was later wiped out.

Events of GTA VEdit

The Los Santos Triads syndicate was formed by the notorious Chinese gangster, Wei Cheng sometime before 2013 with assistance from the Triads of Liberty City and Macau. The Triads initially smuggled China-made weapons into USA and sold them illegally. In 2013, they became involved in the drugs trade. Wei sent his son, Tao and a translator to meet with local meth dealer Trevor Philips to strike a deal with his company. At this time, the Los Santos Triads formed a close alliance with the severely weak Korean gang, Kkangpae, becoming so close that they began sharing territories.

Unimpressed with Trevor's quality, Wei decided to instead partner up with one of Trevor's rival dealers, the O'Neil brothers. In anger, Trevor slaughtered and eliminated all the brothers and destroyed their meth lab. In response, Wei ordered the kidnapping of a man whom they thought to be Trevor's boyfriend and ordered Trevor to come save him. Trevor refused to do say, saying that that person didn't matter to him. A Families gangster however managed to save the kidnapped person.

At the end of the game, the player is given the choice of whom to kill. If they choose the 'Deathwish' option, Franklin Clinton ambushes a Triad convoy and kills Wei Cheng and his son. Since there are different endings, this isn't considered canon.

Events of South Los Santos StoriesEdit

The Triads still maintained their alliance with Kkangpae in 2016. However, the Triads were extremely weakened and had to rely on the Kkangpae for survival. The Koreans on the other hand became one of the most powerful gangs of Los Santos.

Franco Martinez, a Vagos gangster bought in the Triads and Ho Sung-soo of the Kkangpae together for a money-making scheme. The plan involved Martinez and Sung-soo to rip of all other gangs in Los Santos and escape with the money to Vice City, and the Triads would provide extra muscle.

The Triad's meat factory, the Raven Slaughterhouse was attacked by Hispanic gangster Hector Martinez to discourage them from supporting the Kkangpae and damaging their financial stability. Even though their factory is destroyed, the Triads still kept on siding with the Koreans.

In the end of the game, the Triads sent reinforcements to protect Ho Sung-soo. This protection, however becomes unsuccessful and Sung-soo dies and Franco Martinez gets killed/jailed.

Members & AssociatesEdit

  • Wei Cheng‡ - Leader
  • Tao Cheng
  • Tao's translator
  • Trevor Philips‡ - Considered a supplier of meth (formerly)
  • O'Neil brothers† - Suppliers of meth (formerly)


  • They cannot be seen during normal gameplay and appear only during missions.
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