Zhang Lee, Jr. (1966-2004), better known as Lee King was an Federal Investigation Bureau special agent. As part of a FIB operation, Lee infiltrated into one of the Triad sets of the Liberty City Triads.

Lee was executed after his cover was blown.


Early LifeEdit

Nothing much is known about Lee's background, except that he was born to Zhang Lee, Sr., a new Chinese immigrant who owned a noodle stand in Liberty City. Hospital records show that he was infected with chicken pox at the age of 4.

At some point in his life, the Lee family moved into mid-western USA; where King met his best friend and future colleague Cody Smith.

FIB careerEdit

Lee King is believed to have joined the FIB in 2000. The circumstances of his recruitment still remains unknown. It is speculated that he might have joined due to Cody's recommendation. Lee King initially worked with Cody in the same squad, but in 2004; he was moved into a special operation.

Lee was tasked to infiltrate into the Liberty City Triads to bust out their smuggling networks. He went vigorous training and managed to join the Triads as Da Ling, a low-level enforcer of the Triads.

His initial jobs were to drive around mob bosses and sometimes collect protection money from shops. He worked under the Ming triads. Lee once saved the leader of the Ming triads, Zhou Ming from an assassination attempt by the Albanian Mob.

As a result of this, he officially became the left-hand man of Zhou Ming. Using this as an opportunity, he ratted out valuable information to the FIB. The Mings then began to weaken. Zhou suspected something was wrong and knew that there was a rat in his organization.

Zhou eventually traced it to Lee King, and had Lee kidnapped. Lee couldn't escape, and Zhou then cut his head off and placed his remains in a car and set it on fire.

Zhang Lee, Sr. was told that his son died in a car accident.

Personal lifeEdit

Nothing is known about Lee's personal life, other than that he was never involved in a romantic relationship. Lee was an expert in martial arts, and was trained in wielding a katana. According to Cody's diary, Lee was a fan of Japanese motorbikes and it was his dream to own two of them.

Lee's favourite sport was football, and Cody recalls him playing as a mid-fielder during school events.


  • 'Lee King' is a play on the word leaking, referring to his career as a FIB mole.
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