Kkangpae (Korean: 깡패) is a South Korean criminal gang, located primarily in Little Seoul, Los Santos. They appear in Grand Theft Auto V, Grand Theft Auto Online and Grand Theft Auto V's story DLC.



They were considerably weak in 2013, and many of their activities were attacked by the Online player and by the events of Grand Theft Auto V, their territory was reduced to a small block of apartment buildings in Circus St., Little Seoul.

In December of that same year, Ho Sung-soo joined the gang after suffering a major financial loss. Sung-soo quickly rose through positions and by mid 2014 became the gang's second in-command. He also contributed to the gang's increase, and by 2014, the gang became involved in the arms trafficking and human trafficking business. They also engaged in prostitution, credit fraud, grand theft auto, home invasion, armed robbery, kidnapping and extortion. Their presencse was also extended to Vespucci and controlled smaller areas of Davis.

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  • 'Khangpae' translates into 'thug' in the Korean language.
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