"No one messes with me. Come on, men! We have to kill these morons!"
―Ho Sung-soo, before the police assault began, Deal Ending, 2016.

Ho Sung-soo is a main character and secondary antagonist in Grand Theft Auto Turning Tides. Sung-soo is a Korean-American businessman, investor and former table tennis player, and is the second in-command of the Kkangpae.

Sung-soo is known to have joined the Kkangpae during December of 2013, and within the course of a year, acquired a highly respected second in command position of the gang.


Early LifeEdit

Ho Sung-soo was born on April 3rd, 1983 to a South Korean mother and an Chinese-American father. His parents moved from Carcer City to Los Santos three years after his birth. His mother worked as a tailor while his father was a bus driver. His father was reportedly killed in a fit of road rage in 1990, descending his family into poverty. Conditions worsened after his mother's workplace was destroyed by a fire.

Ho's mother soon found a job as a maid for a Scottish millionaire, Mr. Taylor. His mother soon became one of Taylor's mistresses, and she was granted an apartment in Little Seoul. Taylor provided funds for Ho's education and healthcare. His mother's occupation as a mistress meant little family time for her. His mother sometime in 1991, murdered Taylor and made away with his money, but was later caught and was jailed.


Ho started stealing and selling liquor at the age of 15 and committed one murder by the age of 18. He attended the Los Santos Community College, but was kicked out after attempting to assault a teacher.

Ho began playing table tennis and was selected to represent San Andreas in a inter state table tennis event in which he finished second. He later competed in a variety of table tennis competitions with a high success rate and earning a fortune through endorsements.

He retired in 2009, and began his investment career, which was highly positive. He owns a majority share in athletic wear Heat, while having stocks in Vapid, DeClasse, ProLaps, Binco and Animal Ark. His net worth in the end of 2011 was rumored to be between $1 million to 3 million.

Joining the KkangpaeEdit

Isaac Penny, a significant stock holder of Vapid was assassinated while travelling in a bus to work. His assassination, combined with a series of high-profile assassination severely lowered Vapid's stock price, brining a heavy loss to Sung-soo. Later, his yacth sunk in the Pacific Ocean and one of his vintage sports cars was stolen.

Losing a majority of his wealth, Sung-soo joined the Korean gang Kkangpae in the December of 2013. He easily rose through ranks and using his business mind and tactics, became the second-in command. He gained a following, especially from amateur gangster Su Hang who would later become his right-hand man.

Events of South Los Santos StoriesEdit

Ho met Franco Martinez, a leading Los Santos Vagos gangster. After finding out that they both hated their leaders and wanted to gain a lot of money, they formed a partnership. To further improve their relations, Ho made Franco one of the high ranking members of the already-weaken gang, the Los Santos Triads.

The leader of the Kkangpae refused to side with the Vagos to control the drugs trade. Unhappy with this, Ho decided to throw him a wild party on his birthday. The party got intense, and illegal. Ho never attended the party, and called the police. The police arrived and arrested the leader and many of the high ranking members of the Kkangpae. After this, Ho appointed himself the acting boss of the Kkangpae.

With him in control of the Kkangpae, and Franco in control of the Triads and the Vagos, their plan was ready to set in motion. Using his newly-arrived brother, Hector Martinez, Franco broke all peace relations between the gangs of Los Santos and at the same time, managed to steal a lot of valuable goods from all gangs, blaming an another gang for the theft.

Soon, one of Ho's old business associates agreed to buy the stolen items to sell them in other third-world countries. After receiving the money, Franco and Ho planned to move it to Vice City and retire there. However, Franco wanted to bring his brother, Hector into the plan. This was met with rejection from Ho. Nevertheless, Franco invited Hector to the plan.


Hector accepts Franco's offer. Hector tells Franco to meet him at Terminal Island so that they could load the cash into the boat owned by the Los Santos Triads. After defending the ship from the FIB, Franco, Ho and Hector move to Sandy Shores where Felipe waited with plane carrying the other half of the money.

They again get attacked by the NOOSE in the airfield. Felipe gets killed by the police. Hector, Ho and Franco get into the plane, along with some Korean gangsters and hired guns. The Koreans and hired guns then later reveal themselves to be FIB agents. A gunfire starts in the plane. Ho suspects Hector had something to with the ambush. Hector kills Ho. Franco attemps to parachute out, leaving Hector alone to die with the FIB. Hector and Franco then fight, Hector mortally wounds Franco and then parachutes out. The FIB then manage to ground the plane, and Fraco gets arrested.

After Hector refuses to side with Franco, Franco sends Felipe and some rogue Vagos to kill Hector while he loaded the money safely with Ho. Hector kills Ho and confronts Franco and Ho in the Vinewood Helipads. Fraco planned that he and Ho would escape Los Santos via Ho's helicopters.

After a brief exchange of words, Franco attempts to kill Hector. After fighting various Kkangpae and Triad gunmen, Hector kills Ho. Franco gets in one of the helicopters and flies away. Hector gives chase in the other. After a long chase throughout Los Santos County, Hector manages to blow up Fraco's helicopters. Franco bailes out, and Hector follows suit. Hector intercepts Franco mid-air, shoots him in the forehead and parachutes down.


  • One of his Mavericks has a blue and red colour scheme, similar to the flag of South Korea.
  • His biography is featured in the website
  • It is mentioned that Ho has never got a drivers license and could not drive.
    • The fact that Su Hang is his driver supports this.
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