Grand Biscayne

Grand Biscayne is a low to medium density residential as well as industrial district in Crasigvein district of Warcrest City.

Grand Biscayne is located to the east of Avor and Zenobia and to the north east of Carverville.


Grand Biscayne, being a low income residential area and an industrial area has one of the highest crime rates in Warcrest City.

Grand Biscayne is one of the most contested gang neighbourhoods in Warcrest. Located close to the waters, Grand Biscayne serves as a major entry point for unregulated goods and illegal drugs and weapons.

Grand Biscayne has the highest crime rate in Crasigvein. The street-gang Biscayne Broz are based out of Grand Biscayne.

Notable PeopleEdit

Notable people who were born, are living or once lived in Grand Biscayne-