"Uh...hey, hey. Look, look, look. This ain't about you, man. You know these niggas done fucked up."
―D to Stretch before the ambush began, 2013.

D was an OG of the Ballas. He tried to set Stretch up, which resulted to his death in 2013, when he was shot in the head by Stretch while the ambush began to take place.


Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about D's early life. At some point, he joined the Ballas and soon became a respectable OG.

Kidnapping and deathEdit

"Fuck you."
―D's last words, 2013.

In 2013, Families gangster Lamar Davis cooked up a plan to kidnap D in exchange for money. He and Franklin Clinton locate D in an alleyway in Downtown Vinewood. Lamar confronts D, and D zooms away in his motorcycle. The Families gangsters chase D in a van across town.

Eventually, D gets cornered in La Mesa. Using their dog, Lamar and Franklin capture D and take him to their hideout in Strawberry. On their way, Lamar makes a phone call for the ransom. Franklin forces Lamar to free D after telling that the FIB could track their location.

Later on, Stretch and Lamar set up a drug deal with D. Stretch, Lamar and Franklin arrive at the Rogers Salvage and Scrap building in La Puerta. D actually schemed a plan to ambush the Families. After discovering it was an ambush, Stretch fired three shots from his pistol right into D's head, killing him. The trio then escape the building, killing all Ballas on their way.

This event re-ignited the conflict between the Families and Ballas.

Mission appearancesEdit


  • Chop
  • The Long Stretch (killed)


  • D's real name is never revealed in GTAV.
  • D is one of the two characters to be killed by an antagonist in GTAV.
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