Angie, c.2015

Angie Delcrux (née del Cruz; born 1980) is an Alconbrian politician who is the current spokeswoman of the Alconbria People's Party, having taken up the office in 2008.

Delcrux was born in Huntsville, Alabama. She is the descendant of 19th century Alconbrian immigrants who have preserved their heritage. She married Vincenzio Delcrux in 2002, and moved to the Territory of Alconbria, and joined the APP in 2008.

In 2010, she killed the 3 year old daughter of her sklori by suffocating her with rat poison after she refused her sklori to bring her daughter into her house. Desperately, the sklori complained to the local police, who had her arrested and took her back to Delcrux's house. There, with the help of the police officers; she had the sklori electrocuted, causing significant neurological damage, and later doused her face in acid; severely disfiguring the sklori. The sklori was subsequently locked up in her home in the Metsarbarros. Three months later, a video emerged showing her using a year old Malpuro baby as a footrest, in which she repeatedly stamps and crushes the baby's body, before sending her shoe's heels right through the baby's eyes, puncturing it. She then removes her blood covered heels, says "Fucking Malpuro shit... ruined my shoes!" and in frustrated angrily stamped the baby's neck with her shoe; killing it. "Is the fucking thing dead? Great. Blood stained shoes and carpets. That's all this shitface was useful for. Who's gonna pay for the cleaning bills anyway, huh? Take this you sack of filth!", she said this and again tramped on the baby's face, crushing it's skull. That video was an instant hit, and other Alconbrians offered to pay for her cleaning bills, and she received approximately §39,000 from donors. She later sent a response thanking the donors, and stressing that it is expensive "using skloris".


Angie being interviewed.

In January 2012, she posted a photo in social media showing a malnourished and dead 12 year old Malpuro boy, with a caption "only 9 days lololol"; suggesting that she had locked up and starved a kid to death. Later she posted another photo with the text "kid ws the one missing, name is Fuckface Cuntkid. dont worry, not my house. will be blown up by our strong border guards tom. question for u guys: should his family be blown up too? #derrigis" The next day, the dead boy and his family of 5 were strapped up to explosives and were exploded.