Angelo de la Pelea, c.1994

Angelo Rodrigo Gomez y de la Pelea (1940 – 1997; died aged 57) was an Altivebrian colonel, who began Alconbrian-resistance movements in Alconbrian-occupied Altivebrio by creating the Sovenic Partisans, a guerilla military force.

de la Pelea has been condemned by international human rights' organizations for deliberately attacking and killing Alconbrian civilians.

Angelo's force was surrounded by the Military of Alconbria in his headquarters of Huesotero during the Battle of Manteca. Fearing imprisonment, de le Pelea commited suicide, along with his trusted aide Mateo la Yives after announcing Anton Pikorsa as his successor. His body was captured by the Alconbrians, and was hanged naked from a horizontal flagpole in the city centre of Manteca.

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