de Hada, c.1997

Andreas de Hada (born 24 May, 1933) is an Altivebrian military general who is currently serving sixteen life sentences in Alconbria as a prisoner of war. He led several battalions of Altivebrio Defense Forces soldiers against the Military of Alconbria during the Corvoviro offensive during the Third Altivebrian Civil War, and during Xavi Kohler's Ez Offence, he led the ADF during the Battle of Gretter, which led to the Gretter massacre and the Day of Sorrow.

He was captured by the Arporleber in the recently liberated village of Morteds in 2001, and was a military court found him guilty of crimes against humanity for his role in the genocides, and sentenced him to 16 years of life imprisonment. It was reported that he was held up in a prison near Mondez as of 2010. In 2011, the Government of Altivebrio tried to secure his release, but their request was declined by Paul del Santé. In 2013, Minister of Law & Justice Sandra Ramirez prevented him from meeting his family, and also stopped from attending the birth of his great-grandson.

In 2015, he was declared insane, and was shifted to a mental asylum in the Metsarbarros. He suffered a stroke on 5 December, 2016. Sandra Ramirez rejected requests of clemency from his family members, and in January 2017; ordered him to march 200 miles from the mental asylum north of Twelvia to another one east of Pentanoia.

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