List of Alconbrian puppet states :-

South AmericaEdit

  1. Federation of the West Indies (West Indies)
  2. Galapagos Republic (Galapagos)
  3. Colombian Socialist Republic (Colombia)
  4. Republic of Loreto (Loreto)
  5. United Provinces of Lima (Lima)
  6. State of Bolivia (Bolivia)
  7. Republic of Mahataso (Mahataso)
  8. West Amazonian Republic (West Amazon)
  9. East Amazonian Republic (East Amazon)
  10. Republic of East Brazil (Brazil, East Brazil)
  11. Sovereign Nation of Santa Catarina (Santa Catarina)
  12. Revolutionary Chile (Chile)
  13. Duchy of Salta-Catamarca (Salta-Catamarca)
  14. Democratic Republic of North Argentine (North Argentine)
  15. State of South Argentine (South Argentine)
  16. People's Socialist Democratic Federation of Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz)
  17. Unified State of Los Lagos (Los Lagos)
  18. People's State of Tierra del Fuego (Tierra del Fuego]]
  19. United Falklands Federation (Falklands)


  1. People's Democratic Republic of Rohingyadesh (Rohingyadesh)
  2. Confederacy of the Shan (Shan)
  3. Democratic States of Tamil Eelam (Eelam)
  4. Republic of Kachin (Kachin)


Alconbrian puppet states have are usually democracies which elect their heads of government, but almost always, the head of government is appointed by the Rultzfernarszt (Ruling Committee). All puppet states follow the Alconbrian Subordinate States' Constitution, which specifically lists natives as second tier citizens, while Alconbrians as tier one. Natives were heavily persecuted, and most were sent to labour camps, state-owned factories, sent to work in the military, or as guinea pigs in research centers for human experimentation, and a lot were exterminated by the LARK (Federal Population Control Bureau).

Historians divide the puppet states into three types - the 'Bleeding Heart', 'Propaganda Town' and 'Spy station'. Bleeding heart were usually locations with high mineral and industrial value, which were governed for the benefit of Alconbria, and were the location of most of the labour camps and state-owned factories, and usually fell into the control of the military. There were virtually no rules and regards for the environment, prompting the industries to move to the Bleeding Heart.

Propaganda Town were coastline cities which were well connected internationally, developed as commercial economies or tourist destinations by a civilian governor, which intended to show that the states were well-of under Alconbrian suzerainty. Among all three, this is the only one easily accessible by international citizens.

Spy stations were countries which were ruled by Alconbria to monitor other countries, and served as military stands. There is a unusually high number of military garrisons in spy stations. Most of the countries are actually guarded by paramilitary organizations sponsored by Alconbria.

There is large scale forced displacement of civilians. East Brazil and Santa Catarina are filled with 95% Alconbrian citizens, while all of their original inhabitants were pushed inside into the Bleeding Heart countries. Any Alconbrian can purchase property anywhere in the puppet states.

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